Fasting during Ramadhan in Pandemic

5 Fasting Tips during Ramadhan in the Pandemic

The holy month of Ramadhan is welcome again. In this year’s Ramadhan, we are facing Ramadhan again amid the COVID-19 pandemic. We already learnt things from this condition last year. This is challenging in itself, given the pandemic situation that has not yet show the signs of disappearing. So, here are 5 fasting tips during […]

Ramazan during COVID-19 Pandemic

Ramazan during The COVID 19 Pandemic

The holy Ramazan is coming in the middle of the pandemic of COVID 19. I know this year, Ramazan seems so different because we could not go outside, gather with our friends for suhoor on the spot or iftar together. There are so many things we could learn during this pandemic. I know some of […]

Mental Health Issues during Quarantine of COVID 19

In our modern life, scenarios to avoid spreading of COVID 19 have become a piece of common knowledge. I can guarantee that some of those people in the queue with you will be going through the same repetitive thinking. Many people are staying at home during this pandemic. They are staying at home to avoid […]

What Youth Mostly Do during The Pandemic of COVID19?

During this pandemic, we could say that some people are struggling to get their living needs. Most people stay at home for their safety, and the rest stand as the front guard. They do their jobs and shield other people’s life. Special thanks to doctors, medical workers, couriers, and people who are doing great things […]

COVID-19 Spreading in Indonesia

Indonesia is an archipelago country with more than 17.504 islands and 270 million people living in. COVID 19 came in Indonesia after Indonesian President, President Jokowi, announced that there were two people infected with COVID 19 when they have contacted by Japanese people in Jakarta. I believe before the president announced it on 2 March, […]

Sharing Session: Tips dan Trik Atasi Kesehatan Mental bagi Milenial

Dewasa ini, tuntutan jaman yang semakin tinggi membuat seseorang dituntut pula dalam segi fisik maupun mental untuk selalu sehat dalam setiap kegiatan yang dilakukannya, demi mencapai produktivitas yang tinggi. Sayangnya, kemajuan jaman yang begitu pesat tak jarang justru menjadikan seseorang harus beradaptasi lebih keras. Hal inilah yang menyebabkan banyak dari kita saat ini mengalami gangguan […]