Youth CollaborAction

Vietnam International Education Summer Camp

What is VIET-CAMP?

This program works with the TH International Hanoi school and the largest provider in Hanoi, Viettel. The activities are to help, teach and guide students during the activities.

This program conducted for one month. The first two weeks of the activity focused on activities related to mathematics and technology and in the last two weeks specifically for leadership. But both of them needed certain art skills such as dancing, singing and playing music.


Program Schedules

International Certificate
Local Transportation
Tour Heritage

Youth for Education is a Non-Government Organization which is established on September 18, 2018. The activities we do focuses on the development of education. Now, Youth for Education has two development focuses. The development of language and culture and education of women empowerment . The activity we have done are Homestay Volunteer Program which is focuses on teaching English to children in Hoa Binh Province – Vietnam and Volunteering of International Care and Education in Vietnam.

Youth CollaborAction is a web-community platform where youths can do much collaboration and action to improve their skills, gain new experiences, share their ideas, discuss new things, do some communities works, handle voluntarily projects, create good impact for society etcetera. 

Too many goodness that we can spread and we hope we surely contribute to the development of Indonesian society, especially for Indonesian Youth. So, what are you waiting for? Come join us..


TH School serves day students in Kindergarten. Primary, and Secondary school up to grade 12.


4 Seasons Swimming Pool

Indoor Sport Center

Friendly Classroom

Modern Living Room

Laundry Room – Self Service

High quality catering service

Small group of student in a class

Modern dormitory

Behind the Scene!


Participant Criterias

1. Youth aged 20-35 years.

2. Willing to follow, obey the program rules and able to work in team.

3. Have a high commitment to be a global community, a spirit of dedication, humanity, volunteering, and education.

4. Have a good character and do not have record of bad behavior.

5. Able to teach English

6. Required skills

Technology Camp

  1. Technology Skills
  2. Mathematic Skills
  3. Environment Skills

Leadership Camp

  1. Leadership Skills
  2. Problem Solving
  3. Manage People 

Sel-Funded Program

[DEADLINE : 24 MAY 2019]

SELF FUNDED Program Cost :

1. 2.000.000 (ex. Ticketing Flight)

2. Registration Form

3. Waiting for Email Confirmation

4. Payment :

1st Payment : 1.000.000 ( 1 May 2019)

2nd Payment : 1.000.000 (24 May 2019)

Scholarship Program

[DEADLINE : 05 MAY 2019]


1. Registration Fee : 200.000

2. 10 Scholarship Volunteers accepted

3. Scholarship only for program (Exl. Ticketing Flight)

4. Steps of Recruitments :

– Fill the form and pay the registration fee to Mandiri Bank 1730002062801 Nurbani Syifa
– Follow @youth4education and and tag 5 your friends
– The 30 selected candidate volunteers will be sent to your emails
– Take big 30 for Interview
– The 20 selected candidate volunteers will be sent to your emails
– Take big 20 for Online Forum Group Discussion
– The 10 selected volunteers will be announced on @youth4education and instagram.