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Regular Program is the programs we held regularly. These programs aim to increase the abilities of the youth to gain new experiences, being connected to the global people, and feel the atmosphere of fun-interesting social working. We hope these programs contribute to solving the development problems in Indonesia, both in the nation and society.

Kampung Internasional

Kampung Internasional is a free language learning program that we provide for young people in general and especially for those who drop out of school in the South Jakarta area (for the time being). This program focuses on speaking and listening skills so they can upgrade their language skills and be able to communicate in foreign languages, ​​better. ​


Sunday Shassion (Sharing Session) is a sharing and discussion program on youth issues, such as leadership, entrepreneurship, community service, education, and so on. This program presents qualified speakers in their fields and is packaged with an interactive discussion model so that participants can gain maximum insight into this program.


Wow Workshop is a workshop or training program that has period time to empower young people (especially those who are still unemployed or not working). This program aims to create business opportunities that can be done by young people so that they are expected to become entrepreneurs who can reduce the unemployment rate.

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Alene Elvine
HR Manager
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Jonas Gerber

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