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Pemuda Nusantara Mengabdi

The development of the world today undergoes a process of change towards a new world order. Behind the change process itself, we cannot deny that there are still many people who still need our helping, especially for life quality improvement.

Based on the above ideas, Youth for Education plans to run the program “Pemuda Nusantara Mengabdi” that will be held in Batam and Singapore.

Types of “Pemuda Nusantara Mengabdi activities are Educating society about new skills to improve their quality of life by teaching, giving workshop, discussion, etc.  In addition to, volunteers will have a chance to visit Singapore and will be gathered with Malaysian and Singaporean in sharing knowledge.

The reason we chose Batam, because its City has society who want improving their quality of life, tolerance with differences, and have open minded character.

Organized by

Youth For Education

“Youth Collaboration for Better Future Education

Youth for education is a Non-Government Organization which is established on September 18, 2018. Youth for Education has three development focuses. The development of language and culture, education of women empowerment and children.


Batam is the largest city in the province of Riau Islands, Indonesia. The city administrative area covers three main islands of Batam, Rempang, and Galang (collectively called Barelang), as well as several small islands. Batam Island is the core urban and industrial zone, while both Rempang Island and Galang Island maintain their rural character and are connected to Batam Island by short bridges. Batam is an industrial boomtown, an emerging transport hub, and part of a free trade zone in the Indonesia–Malaysia–Singapore Growth Triangle, located 20 km (12 mi) off Singapore’s south coast and also part of the Indonesia–Malaysia–Thailand Growth Triangle.

Singapore is a global hub for education,  entertainment, finance, healthcare human capital, innovation, logistics, manufacturing, technology, tourism, trade, and transport. The city ranks highly in numerous international rankings, and has been recognised as the most “technology-ready” nation (WEF), top International-meetings city (UIA), city with “best investment potential” (BERI), world’s smartest city, world’s safest country, world’s most competitive economy


Educate society

Social interaction with local society

Sharing knowledge and City Tour with Malaysian and Singaporean in Singapore 


     Age between 18-35 years old

     No limit Institution

     Have an empathy and like to share good things

     Experience in leadership roles, self-esteem, and good self-esteem

     Good interpersonal and communication skills

     Have a critical thinking process and think logically

     Open minded, open minded humility, honor and understand others

     Determined to be tolerant to obstacle. Be ready for the body and mind. For living in the environment is not comfortable

     Have capability in community service

     Had Passport or want to provide it if selected




          Airport asistensi (dari CGK-BTH)

       Check in homestay

       Welcoming dinner

       Briefing dan preparation

       Mengajar di sekolah

       Observasi lingkungan dan masyarakat

       Pembukaan upacara di Balai Desa

       Persiapan, aktivitas informal & istirahat

  • Mengajar disekolah 
  • Olaraga senam dan bersih-bersih lingkungan dengan masyarakat lokal
  • Mengedukasi masyarakat (Tema: memproses makanan, pengemasan and social media marketing)
  • Briefing and persiapan untuk hari berikutnya
  • Mengajar anak PHBS (Pola Hidup Bersih dan Sehat) dan melampirkan poster di sekolah
  • FGD dengan masyarakat lokal tentang pencegahan dan sosialisasi cara infeksi penyakit di Balai Desa
  • Briefing dan persiapan untuk hari berikutnya
  • Olaraga senam dan bersih-bersih lingkungan dengan warga lokal
  • Mengedukasi murid-murid tentang Ecobrick dan daur ulang sampah menjadi barang bernilai jual tinggi 
  • Briefing dan persiapan untuk hari berikutnya
  • Pergi ke desa pengungsi vietnam
  • Upacara penutupan, pertukaran budaya dan produk (hasil dari program) expo di Balai Desa
  • Evaluasi, briefing, waktu bebas dan istirahat
  • Pergi ke Singapura menggunakan kapal ferry
  • City Tour
  • Waktu bebas
  • Kembali ke penginapan untuk istirahat
  • Berbagi pengetahuan bersama masyarakat Singapura dan Malaysia
  • Penutupan dan upacara penghargaan
  • Sayonara (Airport asistensi)