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kampung internasional

Kampung Internasional is an educational program that teaches the youngsters international languages, for example, English, Arabic, and Mandarin. This program runs for three months in each batch and held once a week. The program aims to improve the abilities of the youth to use international languages in many aspects of their life, especially in their daily conversation.

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English is the most famous and popular international language with the most speakers in the world. When you master the English Language, you will unlock the world with you.


Arabic is a language with the third-largest number of native speakers. When you understand it, you can understand what happens off the Arabian Country easily.


Mandarin is a language spoken by million native over the world. It is also one of the official UN languages besides English, Arabic, French, Russian, and Spanish.

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Our program is a free program for everyone, including those who have minimal knowledge about language. We accept everyone to learn together with us to upgrade their abilities and capabilities in understanding international language.


We use a fun interactive way of learning so students and everyone could learn the languages more efficiently.​ Students also can build their curiosities and confidence during the lesson, and it is a great way to improve their abilities in mastering the languages.

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Practise makes perfect. We encourage everyone to practice the language with its native and fluently speakers.​ We can practice this through interactive games, discussion, debate, and we also practice it in our daily conversation.

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