Youth CollaborAction

Behind the Scenes

Youth CollaborAction is run based on a concern because there are still amount of youngsters especially teenagers and school dropouts who carry out negative activities, such as hijackers, quarrels, drunks, and so on. These mentioned things are very pathetic considering that youngsters are the future of the nation whose potential should be empowered and developed by doing some positive activities. By doing these activities, they can advance their self capabilities and improve the future, not only their future but also the future of the nation.


Global Empowerment and Development Platform for the Youth


1st Mission

Creating and organizing programs that help develop and empower youth potential.

2nd Mission

Increase collaboration with related stakeholders such as government, institutions, NGOs, communities, youth organizations, clubs, and individuals.

3rd Mission

Creating awareness to all parties that youth are the next generations of the nation.


Action without collaboration will only be a less optimal action. With collaboration, the goals to be achieved in the future will be accelerated so that the plan can run better, faster, and wider.


Collaboration without action will only be a discourse. The agreed collaboration plan will be useless if we don’t take action as an implementation of the plan. Action is a tangible form of plans approved upon in advance

“Youth have the power to make or break the society”

Sabuz Shahriar Khan