COVID 19 in Indonesia

Indonesia is an archipelago country with more than 17.504 islands and 270 million people living in. COVID 19 came in Indonesia after Indonesian President, President Jokowi, announced that there were two people infected with COVID 19 when they have contacted by Japanese people in Jakarta.

I believe before the president announced it on 2 March, beforehand, maybe there are some people already got infected. But in fact, we still ignore or careless about this COVID 19.

I would also say politely that some Millenials are still careless. They think just because they are still young and healthy, they will not die soon due to COVID 19. But here is the things. The main thing is not about the disease itself, but it is also about the spreading of COVID 19. If Millenials are still careless about this pandemic, they might infect their environment, including family and relatives. How bad it is! Up to this day, 7 April 2020, there are 2.738 cases, 221 died, and 204 recovers. (Source: Kompas)

It started since Mr. Jokowi announced that the cases are increasing. And in fact, the Government is probably not ready to fight against this COVID 19 until then it becomes a horrible pandemic. This means Indonesians also have to be aware of and support each other on how to make it end soon. Some medical aids and hospitals prepared for a patient infected by COVID 19 and get the references to cured there. Day by day, people who get infected are increasing. If we could not stop the spreading, some hospitals are not ready to take care of the patient or they already full. Then, who will be taking care of you when you get infected? Once again, we talk about the spreading, not the disease itself. So, all activities you do, it might be an impact to increase or decrease the COVID 19.

Here is a list of some activities you can do during this pandemic: 

  1. Don’t go out, if it is not necessary, or for buying groceries. Stay at home.
  2. Support the lower class by helping them and giving them some supports, like some basic groceries. At least during the pandemic, after they lost their income and job, they still can survive and have something to eat.
  3. Influence others to give positive impacts on what you do.
  4. Support medical workers by letting them have some medical aid. Do not be so selfish. You do not need to wear surgical masks if it is not necessary. You can give them who need it more, such as doctors or medical workers.
  5. Don’t be so stubborn. Stay at home means staying at home. Don’t make it so complicated.

Article by Mastin Rusmala
Edited by Hanifah

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