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What Youth Mostly Do during The Pandemic of COVID19?

During this pandemic, we could say that some people are struggling to get their living needs. Most people stay at home for their safety, and the rest stand as the front guard. They do their jobs and shield other people’s life. Special thanks to doctors, medical workers, couriers, and people who are doing great things such as NGOs, charity, and influencers. Most of them are the youth, and they are amazing.

We can see that youth could surprise you by doing positive things and give a positive impact on society. They can influence and contribute positively. The precedent is Shaikh Raja Mohidin and R. Rajeskar from India. They are doing charity for the needy. When I asked one of them, why did you help, they say because they want to help and could do something for them. India has more than 1.3 billion populations and has some classes of people, so they go for bits of help.

Another youth from Bangladesh, Asif, he does good things such as distributing foods and blood bags and share positive vibes. It is his passion. He has to do something for the country, the world, and especially for his mental peace. Mostly he does a good campaign on his Facebook and inspires people to do good things. The Yolo boy from Indonesia likes to inspiring what he is doing to support social distancing and make this pandemic over. He influences people and doing such a campaign about social distancing. He said that there are good and bad effects on this pandemic. The good one is, we have more time to spend with our family and learn new things online.

Another story comes from Sumit Yadav from India. He is now stuck in Delhi because, in the middle of March, he joined one of a conference held in Dehradun. But when he was on the way to go to Dehradun, he got an announcement that the conference abandoned. He did not know what he would do, because the next day, the Government of India announced about the lockdown, even he already booked his ticket to go home. Fortunately, one of his friends help him, and he may stay with him in Delhi.

They are just some youths who willing to help people in the hospital, slum areas, and also red zone areas. So, it is not all about the youth that could do these things, but we are youth who have power, health, and spirit inside us. We are doing for others. We hope that people around us could get a good impact on what we do and give. Most of the youth I have contacted have a similar concern about social distancing. They support this social distancing to avoid spreading COVID 19. They hope this pandemic could get over, so they can do their activities as previously.

Article by Mastin Rusmala
Edited by Hanifah

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