Fasting during Ramadhan in Pandemic

5 Fasting Tips during Ramadhan in the Pandemic

The holy month of Ramadhan is welcome again. In this year’s Ramadhan, we are facing Ramadhan again amid the COVID-19 pandemic. We already learnt things from this condition last year. This is challenging in itself, given the pandemic situation that has not yet show the signs of disappearing. So, here are 5 fasting tips during […]

Youth, Let’s Tidying Up : A Method by Konmari

I know most of the youth who have the busiest schedule sometimes do not have time for tidying up their home or room. Most of the Youth who are in college, living in a dormitory or rent a room. Some others who work in a city, living in apartments. How can they be tidy even […]

What Youth Mostly Do during The Pandemic of COVID19?

During this pandemic, we could say that some people are struggling to get their living needs. Most people stay at home for their safety, and the rest stand as the front guard. They do their jobs and shield other people’s life. Special thanks to doctors, medical workers, couriers, and people who are doing great things […]

Peluang Kerja Alumni Sastra Belanda UI

Well, kali ini gue mo ngepost masalah peluang kerja lulusan Sastra Belanda. Yeaahh, gue tau dengan amat sangat tau kalo ini adalah topik yang amat sangat sensitif sejagat raya dunia sastra #alay. Tapi however, yaa emang ini rada sensitif sik. Pasti sebagian besar orang yang tidak terjun atau tidak mengenal dengan baik dunia sastra bakal […]