Mental Health Issues during Quarantine of COVID 19

In our modern life, scenarios to avoid spreading of COVID 19 have become a piece of common knowledge. I can guarantee that some of those people in the queue with you will be going through the same repetitive thinking. Many people are staying at home during this pandemic. They are staying at home to avoid the spreading of COVID 19. But what mostly they do to support this social distancing?

Based on the survey I made, and it took the respondents from countries like Singapore, Germany, Indonesia, and India, most of them are young productive people. 66,7% of them feel bored to stay at home. People who are feeling anxiety are 22,2% and others feeling lazy, unproductive, and angry. Some mental healths could disturb them during this situation, such as anxiety. The example is a youth from India, Sumit Yadav. I called him on April 19, 2020, and he told me that during this quarantine, he started feeling anxious because he is also far from his family. He stays in one of his friend’s house due to his study in another city of India.

I know most of them feeling bored because, during the quarantine, we do not know what activities should we do again. It is such as we already have done some of the duties, but after that, what is the next? Most of the youth I have interviewed on the phone told me that, to avoid flatness during this quarantine, they are cooking, watching movies, doing social media, creating content on TikTok, and many more. But still, they are feeling bored because they only stay at home.

In other mental health issues, anxiety is an umbrella term to describe uncomfortable, nervous thoughts and feelings, often about things in the future. It typically also has physical symptoms, even though it’s primarily thought of as a mental health issue. The way that anxiety most typically expresses itself is worrying. We all worry, of course, we do. But if you are thinking about actual or potential problems in a way that regularly creates anxiety, then worry has got out of hand.

We can make changes to the way we think that allows us to cope with things we previously felt were overwhelming. And it’s usually much easier to change ourselves than it is to change our external environment. We have to clean up our thinking and adjust our perspective so we can approach modern life calmly. We may not be able to control everything that goes on in our life, but the good news is that we do have control over how we respond to events. When you grasp the truth of this, the power flows back into your hands.

Article by Mastin Rusmala
Edited by Hanifah

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