What I Learn of The Holy Ramazan during The COVID 19 Pandemic

The holy Ramazan is coming in the middle of the pandemic of COVID 19. I know this year, Ramazan seems so different because we could not go outside, gather with our friends for suhoor on the spot or iftar together. There are so many things we could learn during this pandemic. I know some of you may feel like this Ramazan will feel different because there is no gathering for iftar with friends, there are no crackers near your house, and we do tarawih prayer in our home, not in the mosque.

In this pandemic, we could take a lesson: 

  1. We will do the prayer sedately because there are no bonkers around. There are no children and teenagers who like to wake us up during suhoor by hitting some kitchen utensils and scream “Suhoor, suhoor.”
  2. No plan for iftar together with friends, and it means we save our budget. Mostly young people like to go outside and get a portion of food for killing time before iftar at some shop. At least we iftar outside to try some new foods during Ramazan. 
  3. There are no many Eid snacks because we always concern about weight gain. Some gathering sessions during Eid sometimes force us to eat, even we already got one. This time also could save our budget and body weight.
  4. During gather or friendship in Eid Fitr, most of the relatives, nieces, nephews, cousins, and extended families come to the parent’s house. Of course, there will be questions about our life, such as when will you marry? When will you get a baby? When will you have a second child? And so on. These questions make us bored and feel like it is none of their business. But during this pandemic, you will not face it again. You will be busy to reply to some eid message on your phone and your social media. To gather or friendship, I am sure we could do it not only during Eid.

So, during this holy month of Ramazan, let us be more focused on ourselves to God. What we do in our prayers, only we know, and God knows. During this Ramazan, please stop to blame each other on social media, stop sharing hoax, and some dirty stuff. Let us focus on our prayers to find our peace. 

Article by Mastin Rusmala
Edited by Hanifah

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