Why Indonesian Youth Prefer Korean Drama?

Korean Wave is the name of the phenomenon of the popularity of Korean culture in various parts of the world. The popularity of the Korean Wave, also known as Hallyu, has spread to many countries. This phenomenon has a significant impact on raising the prestige of other Korean products, such as K-Drama, K-Fashion, K-Food, K-Cosmetic, to K-Pop.

Korean Wave itself began to enter various countries in Asia in the late 1990s. The Hallyu theme first popularized by Beijing journalists in connection with the rising popularity of K-pop in 1997. It begins with the K-Drama series titled “What is Love About.” In Indonesia, the Korean Wave began to be popular since the early 2000s with a marked presence “Jewel in the Palace,” which is one of the most famous dramas in Indonesia in 2003.

Winter Sonata, Endless Love, Full House, Boys Over Flowers, to Descendants of The Sun are some of the legendary drama titles that can penetrate the international scene. Aside from the great storyline, Korean dramas have a shorter duration than any other similar drama formats in other countries. Not only the drama that went global, but various kinds of Reality Show events also went global, for example, Running Man, Weekly Idol, and many more.

In fact, in 2014, one of the popular K-Dramas with the title “You Who Came From The Stars” was once made an Indonesian soap opera version with the title “You Come from the Stars.” Today, easy access to watch Korean dramas also makes Hallyu spread very rapidly. From starting paid applications, free of charge, to being able to watch via download links provided by several websites.

Nowadays, we can not deny that most of the Indonesian youth, especially girls, obsessed with Korean stuff. Not only from boyband nor Korean drama, even now it is Korean skincare which is offering flawless and glassy skin look like Korean actor or actress.

Korean drama becomes popular in Indonesia since the drama “Winter Sonata.” What is so interesting about Korean drama? I interviewed one of a junior high school student in Yogyakarta, Angelica. She said she loves Korean drama because the story of the series is fascinating, and it does not make her bored. She obsessed with Korean drama since she was 14. Now she is in the ninth grade. I interviewed her because I see on my contact that almost every day she upload and set a profile picture with Korean actors or actress.

In my teenage age, watching Korean drama is not as routine as today. It is because some of the Indonesian serials are still got attention from young Indonesian from that decade. But nowadays, we can not deny that Indonesian youth prefer Korean drama. The survey I made about the trending of Korean drama in Indonesia shows that respondents who like Korean drama started from the age of 11 until 26 years old. The reason they like Korean drama is 66.7% as the story, and each series do not have so many episodes, so it does not make them get bored.

Some of them also told me that Korean drama has something that they could learn from the story. The series, most of them, have at least 25 eps, so far, if it is the longest one in each season. 16.5% confess that the reason is that they like their actors. How their feelings when they watch Korean drama, 58.3% admit they are happy, and 16.7% feel addicted to watching it more and more. Most of them, after they watch Korean drama, 50% do not follow their lifestyle, and 33.3% follow their lifestyle. Most of my respondents are 83.3% of girls, and 16.7% of boys.

From the survey, we know that their mindset and their interest are clear, that offering a good story in each serial could get them obsesses. Indonesian producers and entertainment should be more concerned about this. Otherwise, the Indonesian series, which has so many episodes and the same main actor or actress from the beginning, might be lost their interests.

Article by Mastin Rusmala
Edited by Hanifah

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  1. Benar sekali terlebih lagi terlebih lagi drama Korea terkadang mengunakan aktris/aktor idol atau artis KPop sebagai pemeran nya sebagai marketing pemasaran mereka yang memuat para penonton semakin banyak karna idola artis KPop mereka memainkan drama secara otomatis fens boy bend tersebut akan melihat idola nya memainkan drama tersebut contohnya jisoo blackpink,Bae Suzy exs Miss a,D.o Exo dan masih banyak lagi

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