Indonesian Heroine as Exclusive Staff of President

Hi Youths. Did you know that three of the seven Millennial Special Staff (Stafsus) of the 7th President of the Republic of Indonesia, Mr. Joko Widodo, are heroine? The existence of women in this era in various positions and fields is commonplace. Many women work and empower in sectors, ranging from entertainment, business, education, communal, to politics. In the political zone itself, many ministerial positions to public officials are held by women, including the following exclusive staff to the president. Hmm, surely you guys can’t wait for this interesting review.

So, who are the three Indonesian female heroine that will be reviewed this time? Let’s check.

Putri Indah Sari Tanjung

Putri Indahsari Tanjung. From her last name, we already know for sure that Putri is the daughter of one of the country’s leading conglomerates. Yup, who else if not Chairul Tanjung. A female heroine born on 1996 September 22 has seen her business talent since she went to school by building Creativepreneur Creator (CC). Starting from a friend’s birthday event as her first project, Putri said that she only made a profit of IDR 15,000. However, Ms. Putri did not give up and kept trying and learning. And the result, her project could continue and hold roadshow events in various cities in Indonesia. Apart from being the Founder and CEO of Creativepreneur Creator, Putri also works as a CBO of KREAVI, a creative talent search platform in Indonesia. At her father’s company, CT Corp, Putri serves as CXO alias Chief Experience Officer. Hmm, Putri really powerful!

Ayu Kartika Dewi

Ayu Kartika Dewi is a heroine who always campaigns the values ​​of tolerance and equality. This alumna of Duke University Fuqua School of Business, America, has the initiative to build the Sabang Merauke program. She got the idea after participating in the Indonesia Mengajar program in South Halmahera in 2010. Sabang Merauke was established to instill the values ​​of tolerance, diversity, social, and knowledge through exchange programs for interregional students in Indonesia. Apart from focusing on education, Ayu is also concerned with matters of Islam by establishing Millenial Islami. Millenial Islami is a program for moderate Islamic that prioritizes national values, loves the nation, and promotes critical reasoning in studying Islamic values. In addition, Ayu currently also serves as Managing Director of the Indika Foundation, looh! Indika Foundation is the a foundation with missions to build the nation’s character and disseminate peace education. Wow, what an achievement, Ayu!

Angkie Yudistia

Angkie Yudistia is the founder of Thisable Enterprise. Thisable Enterprise is a forum for empowering people with disabilities to be economically independent through various empowerment programs that match the needs of people with disabilities and the labor market. Yup, Angkie is a heroine with a disability, a deaf person. However, without being discouraged, Angkie continued to pursue her dream. Luck was on her side when in 2008, she became a finalist for Abang None of West Jakarta. In addition, in the same year, Angkie also received an award as The Most Fearless Female Cosmopolitan 2008. Angkie has also published three of her books, namely, “Perempuan Tuna Rungu Menembus Batas” in 2011. Her second book, “Setinggi Langit” was launched in 2013, and her third book “Become Rich as Sociopreneur” in 2019. Wow, Angkie is really persistent!

So, how about you, Youths? These three Indonesian heroes, who are now serving as Special Staff for the Millennial President of Indonesia, are genuinely inspiring. There are many things that we can learn from those three heroines. Starting from the spirit of never giving up, making a real contribution to society, and continuing to pursue dreams and ideals. Being a woman, especially in Indonesia, is not an obstacle for us to make a real contribution to the people closest to us along with the community around us. Precisely by being a woman, be a woman who is empowered and works, especially for the development of ourselves and other communities. So, still, want to be lazy and lay down? Let’s get up, makeup, and stand up for ourselves.

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